This page describes how to apply for our annual internship offers. Applications are open from the end of January until mid-February each year. Most internships in this procedure will take place during the summer and are typically between six weeks and three months.

Apart from the annual procedure, there also is the FCFS procedure. The difference between our two application procedures is explained here.


Wish list

Open tillĀ  01/11/2023

Let us know what type of internship you’re interested in. More info on our FAQ page.

Fill in the wish list here


First round: 01 – 16/02/2024
2nd : 19/02 – 01/03/2024
3rd : 4 – 8/03/2024

Browse the internships on the Application Platform and apply by submitting your CV, motivation letter and transcript of records. More info on that procedure below.



IAESTE Belgium evaluates all applications and selects the best candidate for each internship. If you’re selected, you’ll have to gather some more documents to complete your nomination. IAESTE Belgium then sends all documents to the receiving country and employer. More info here.


April – June

The employer evaluates your application. If you’re accepted, the internship is officially confirmed and you can start arranging the final practicalities.

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How to apply

At the end of January, we will publish the list of internships on our Application Platform. You can apply for at most three internships. The deadline is typically mid-February (exact date: see the summary above).

To apply, you have to complete your profile on the website and submit the following documents in English:

  • Motivation letter: max. 1 page, in .pdf format, one letter for each internship.
    It should be a formal letter addressed at IAESTE Belgium. It should be concise and to the point, and should motivate your interest in this particular internship, prove that you are capable of completing the job, and explain why an international experience like an IAESTE internship appeals to you. Convince us that we should select you!
  • Curriculum Vitae: max. 1 page, in .pdf format, uploaded under your Profile.
    We use this to assess if you have the required skillset to complete the internship.
  • Transcript of Records:
    The official Transcript of Records of your university of your entire curriculum.If you’re in your master’s, this means that you should concatenate the TOR of both your bachelor’s and your master’s and submit that as one document. Don’t worry if your grades aren’t excellent though: we only use this as a tie-breaker if selections are very difficult.
  • Portfolio: for architecture students, max. 25 MB, in .pdf format, uploaded under your Profile.

Be sure to check your order of preference after submitting all your applications.

After the deadline, IAESTE Belgium evaluates each application and chooses the most suited candidate for each internship. We will communicate the selection results through the Application Platform a few days later.

Important remarks

When applying for an internship, please take into account the following info:

  • Take a look at our nomination procedure page for more info on our cancellation policy and administrative fee.
  • Do NOT contact the employer yourself until you are accepted for the internship position by the employer (see the nomination procedure page). If you have any questions about the internship, contact the local committee.
  • The period mentioned in the offer is strict, so make sure you are available during the weeks that you apply for.
  • Some countries require that you are enrolled at your home university for the entire period of stay (for 2018: see this list under “Certificate of enrolment > if required, valid for”). Keep this in mind if you are in your last year and if you’re applying for an internship that extends to the next academic year, because you might not be eligible for the internship. When in doubt, contact the local committee at your university.
  • Only apply for internships that you definitely want to do! If you enter a second and third choice, we assume that you are still extremely motivated to do these internships and will accept your nomination if we select you for one of them. Not following this rule messes up our selection system and will not be appreciated, as it is extremely unfair towards other applicants.

Second and third application round

It often happens that after the first round of nominations, some internships don’t have a nominee yet. These internships will be opened for applications again immediately after announcing the first nomination results, so keep an eye on the Application Platform if you don’t want to miss out on these opportunities! It doesn’t matter if you already applied for internships in the first round or not: you can apply again for these internships.

Details of such a second round (if there will be one) are communicated through our mailing list and social media.

Nomination and acceptance

If you are selected for an internship by IAESTE Belgium, you enter the nomination phase. More info on what happens then can be found here.