IAESTE offers students in engineering, bio-engineering, architecture, computer science and sciences a practical internship in renowned companies all over the world. In 2017, over 100 professionals from over 30 Belgian companies cooperated in the training of foreign students by offering them an internship.

Our organization is continuously looking for Belgian companies who are willing to offer internships. For every foreign student that is offered an internship through IAESTE Belgium, we can offer a Belgian student an internship abroad. These students with international experience will in the future all become potential employers for your company.

IAESTE takes care of all the administration, in order to allow the student and the company to concentrate fully on the content of the internship. IAESTE trainees in Belgium are exempted from a work permit.

The foreign trainees take care of their own insurance and their travel expenses, but in order to pay their costs of living we ask the companies to give the trainees at least €200 per week. Preferably at least half of this amount is paid in cash; the other half can be compensated by for example free lodging or meals. This wage can be paid under the form of a reimbursement of expenses, and therefore no taxes need to be paid. If the students require a visa, IAESTE will take care of the necessary paperwork.

Internships usually take place in July, August or September, but internships during the academic year are also possible. Internships last at least 6 weeks, and can range up to 1 year. If required, IAESTE can take care of the lodging, but preferably only during the summer period.

Short-term benefits for your company:

  • IAESTE students are highly motivated, hand-picked and resourceful
  • They are ideally placed to carry out short-term projects
  • They bring fresh ideas to the workplace and cultural awareness to your staff

Long-term benefits:

  • IAESTE students can help develop new business opportunities overseas
  • They are a source for recruiting high-calibre staff from abroad
  • They are future business leaders with whom you may one day be winning contracts

An IAESTE student could:

  • Create IT solutions
  • Undertake an energy or conservation study
  • Recommend design ideas
  • Explore overseas markets
  • Aid in research and development
  • Advise on standards and qualifications in a target market
  • Design web pages
  • Develop new products or processes
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