Join our 2023-2024 team!


To apply, kindly get in touch with us through email or our social media channels.

After we receive your application, we will invite you for an informal talk. Nothing to be nervous about. We will process applications on a rolling basis. Afterwards we assess how you will fit into our team.

Why join IAESTE Leuven?
  • You get to participate in a meaningful extracurricular activity while enhancing your teamwork and leadership skills: we have weekly board meetings to discuss ongoing projects and plan awesome events.
  • Your experience will be adapted to your personal preferences: members are permitted to choose a function with more or less intensity and time spent on board work can range from a few hours a week to as many as you like. Of course, you gain more useful experience the more you participate!
  • You can live your creative dream in our team: we have one well-defined core mission (internships abroad), allowing us to fill the rest of the year with activities that we deem interesting. No two years are the same at IAESTE. As a consequence, members can dream up any relevant event, and we can make it happen!
  • After or in between our meetings, we plan some fun to make the year as memorable as possible. At our latest teambuilding, we rented a karaoke studio for an evening and went loose. What happens in karaoke, stays in karaoke!
  • A board year at IAESTE results in marketable skills for your future. Among our current and former members, two distinctive character traits stand out: our sense of initiative and our global perspective on the world.