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After we receive your application, we will invite you for an informal talk. Nothing to be nervous about. We will process applications on a rolling basis.

Why join IAESTE Leuven?

  • You get to participate in a meaningful extracurricular activity while enhancing your teamwork and leadership skills: we have weekly board meetings to discuss ongoing projects and plan awesome events.
  • Your experience will be adapted to your personal preferences: members are permitted to choose a function with more or less intensity and time spent on board work can range from a few hours a week to as many as you like. Of course, you gain more useful experience the more you participate!
  • You can live your creative dream in our team: we have one well-defined core mission (internships abroad), allowing us to fill the rest of the year with activities that we deem interesting. No two years are the same at IAESTE. As a consequence, members can dream up any relevant event, and we can make it happen!
  • After or in between our meetings, we plan some fun to make the year as memorable as possible. At our latest teambuilding, we rented a karaoke studio for an evening and went loose. What happens in karaoke, stays in karaoke!
  • A board year at IAESTE results in marketable skills for your future. Among our current and former members, two distinctive character traits stand out: our sense of initiative and our global perspective on the world.

Job descriptions


  • Handles the daily activities of the committee
  • Prepares and presides the committee meetings
  • Is the first point of contact for other IAESTE committees in Belgium or abroad
  • Is the primary liaison for other organizations like VTK, LBK, LOKO, etc.
  • Maintains and improves relationships with the university’s departments, faculties, groups and campuses
  • Develops and implements the long-term strategy of the committee, and steers multi-year projects
  • Drives new initiatives for events and collaborations with organizations or faculties
  • Tracks progress of the committee as a whole and of the individual teams, coaches and supports where necessary, looks for opportunities to improve


  • Manages all our (social) media channels: from Instagram to newsletters, while ensuring a variety of content on our platforms (information, recaps, videos, …)
  • Collaborates closely with other teams to promote events and internship information to our target groups
  • Acts as a strategic marketing partner: consults on the type of events to organize, and on how to add value for our public and partners
  • Watches over the uniformity, style and content of our marketing materials
  • Aims to ambitiously increase our brand recognition in the Leuven student population


  • Informs Belgian students about internship possibilities with IAESTE, using various communication channels such as social media, info events, Go Global, etc.
  • Oversees the Wish List distribution and coordinates Nomination procedures with the other Belgian committees
  • Assists (aspiring) outgoing trainees with their application and nomination packages, visa, and follows up with them after the experience
  • Supports incoming trainees with an extensive Welcome Guide and by helping along their search for housing
  • Plans activities for incoming trainees over the summer where they can get to know each other, local culture and cuisine, and our committee
  • Organizes a super-deluxe Leuven Weekend as the highlight of our trainees’ incoming experience that they will never forget

Corporate Relations:

  • Searches for partnering companies or organizations, both in terms of internships to offer to students (called jobraising) and sponsorships
  • Is always on the lookout for possible partner events, internship hosting companies or event sponsors/speakers
  • Coordinates the search for internships and provides guidelines on how to give convincing pitches to companies or research departments
  • Attends job and internship fairs to proactively seek out corporate contacts
  • Supplies professional-looking informational materials to support our search for internships and sponsors
  • Tends to the satisfaction of previous hosting companies to either improve host experience or assess further partnership opportunities

Human Resources:

  • Is the committee’s team-builder: organizes team events, but also strives to maintain a pleasant vibe on meetings and while hosting external events
  • Is in charge of learning and development: arranges regular workshops featuring internal or external speakers, and allows team members to upgrade their skills while in the committee
  • Ensures committee members are happy with their team and tasks, and resolves conflicts if they arise
  • Plans visits to other IAESTE committees abroad (called Twinnings) and reciprocates the effort by showing these committees around Leuven on another time
  • Looks for new members during the recruiting season, gives information on promo booths and gathers applications
  • Prepares and maintains the annual budget of the committee, and submits a revision at the end of the first semester
  • Co-organizes every event in order to have an intimate knowledge of its contents, helps translate this into a proper event budget and defends this with our NPO (‘vzw’) after submission
  • Manages contracts, invoices, payments, and uses this data to generate detailed financial results of our events
  • Is responsible for the committee’s inventory management: keeps stock of our goodies, promotional material and other equipment, and replaces or renews it when necessary
  • Handles everything related to subsidies (e.g. from LOKO), and lends a hand with the committee’s administration (e-mail, website)