This page describes how to apply for our first-come-first-serve offers. Applications are open throughout the year, and new internships are announced on a continuous basis on the international IAESTE Exchange Platform.

Apart from the FCFS procedure, there also is the annual application procedure. The difference between our two application procedures is explained here.


Browse internships

Find an internship that interests you on the international IAESTE Exchange Platform. Note that you can apply for at most one internship at a time, unless the periods don’t overlap.


Apply by sending an email to, mentioning the reference number of the internship that interest you. If you’re the first to apply, we’ll assign the internship to you on the Exchange Platform. Start gathering all required documents in the meantime.


Complete your nomination on the exchange platform. We’ll check its completeness before sending it to the receiving country and employer. More info here.


The employer evaluates your application. If you’re accepted, the internship is officially confirmed and you can start arranging the final practicalities.

How to apply

Applying for a FCFS offer is very simple:

  1. Create an account on the Exchange Platform.
  2. Browse through the available internships and select the one that interests you the most. If you want to get more information on a particular internship, contact the local committee of your university.
  3. Send an email to to announce your interest in this offer. Mention the reference number (e.g. BE-2018-1234) in the subject of the email. Include your CV, motivation letter for this internship and desired period of stay. Make sure the period of stay matches the requested period of the internship offer.
  4. Gather the nomination documents (CV, motivation letter, recommendation letters, …) while you wait for us to assign you to this offer. It might take a day (maybe two if it’s a very busy period of the year) before that happens, and with a FCFS offer it’s best to be as quick as possible with completing your nomination!
  5. Complete your nomination as soon as you are assigned to the offer on the Exchange Platform, and submit it. We will check its completeness before sending it abroad.
  6. Pay the administrative fee and send us a proof of payment. See the nomination page for more details.

The nomination deadline mentioned on the platform is the deadline for IAESTE Belgium to send your nomination to the other IAESTE country. Please keep in mind that between you uploading your documents and this deadline, we still needs time to check your documents and request corrections if necessary. Therefore, upload your documents as soon as possible, at least a couple of business days before the deadline (take into account weekends and holidays)!

Important remarks

When applying for an internship, please take into account the following info:

  • Take a look at our nomination procedure page for more info on our cancellation policy and administrative fee.
  • Do NOT contact the employer yourself until you are accepted for the internship position by the employer (see the nomination procedure page). If you have any questions about the internship, contact the local committee.
  • The period mentioned in the offer is strict, so make sure you are available during the weeks that you apply for.
  • Some countries require that you are enrolled at your home university for the entire period of stay (for 2018: see this list under “Certificate of enrolment > if required, valid for”). Keep this in mind if you are in your last year and if you’re applying for an internship that extends to the next academic year, because you might not be eligible for the internship. When in doubt, contact the local committee at your university.

Nomination and acceptance

When you are assigned to your internship by IAESTE Belgium, you immediately enter the nomination phase. More info on what happens then can be found here (and is summarized above).

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